Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My websites!

I'm making a website of my own :)

Here's what I'm doing for my web development class: http://blizzard.ist.unomaha.edu/~hbyers/hollythelibrarian/

And here's my permanent site for when class is over: http://hollythelibrarian.com/

Very much still under construction--not all the links are working yet, and I need to fix the external CSS files a little bit more because some of the pages aren't looking quite right.

Also, I found out that Internet Exploder 7 messes my CSS programming. It always seems to do that to websites, makes them look nasty. (Besides all the security flaws in it...) So, please view in either Safari or Firefox. They treat all the CSS programmers' work with respect.

Here's My Idea: Download Firefox onto all the computers at the library. More and more are preferring Firefox nowadays.

Here's Another Idea: As our computers grow old, let's replace them with Macs. It's cheaper in the long run, because they last much longer. Heck, you can even run Windows on Mac hardware, so that we can keep on using our Horizon, Cassie, Tess, and other programs like usual. I'll bet you that Apple will give libraries discounts.


SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Holly,
Did you mean Internet Explorer? I think I like your Internet Exploder better! Smiles.

Holly the Librarian said...

Hi Sarah,

Yep, I meant Explorer! That was a purposeful Freudian slip I've heard elsewhere--it was so funny I wanted to repeat it :) It's generally how Firefox users refer to Exlplorer.