Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 3, #5 &6--Flickr Goodies

I'm still working on the "23 Things" program, and am up to Flickr (things #5 and #6).

I hadn't fiddled with Flickr yet, and didn't see any reason why I should, since I had Facebook. But it's an useful program for those of my family who does not have a Facebook account (which is very nearly everyone--excepting one of my brothers). I may try to upload more stuff to share with relatives. Only problem is--they will have to create an account to see it, too...(since I will have private settings on most of them, obviously)

I think I will stick with Facebook since I can share my albums by way of a permanent public URL. Even so, I am glad I created a Flickr account, just to play with the fun apps and mashups on there. I played around with the LOLcat creator :D . It is a picture I took back in October (2007) when my family got two kittens from the Humane Society (buy one get one free). Tiger is "Red Cat" and Cheetah is "Blue Cat". (you can tell because of the color of their collars). And they loved exploring my little siblings' bookcase :) (note the well-worn covers...)

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