Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week 4--RSS feeds

Setting up RSS feeds is pretty easy, though I must admit...I'm more the sort who just remembers which sites I like to look up, and visit them throughout the day. I'm up to 8 feeds now, and am looking around at other sites for more feeds. I also subscribed to some blogs, too :) You may notice the preponderance of deaf-related blogs including--because it is so wonderful knowing that I'm not the "only one" who is deaf. I like to read about others' experiences, because it is often just like mine, with all of the joys and embarassments and fears included. I have also included some library blogs--and yes, deaf librarians :D

If RSS feeds is the hardest thing in the program, it's not so hard at all, actually. :) All in all, though, this program is still very informational, making me make accounts with web resources that I wouldn't otherwise be prompted to. So now, I have that knowledge! As to making yet another account to remember...my best friends are those "forgot your username?" links.

A great tip, though any web security advisor would cringe, would be to reuse the same usernames and passwords all the time. I have a set number of usernames, and a set number of passwords. So I know I will go through my mental list before I accidentally lock out my account. Another theory as to my ability to remember usernames and passwords is that I'm young...people my age are so used to having to keep a mental storehouse of usernames/passwords that it's second nature to us now.

In other news,

The best site I found so far is http://www.frmd.org/. Boy, was I so happy to see that a priest put his vlog homilies online! I've always had difficulty hearing the homilies at Mass. When I was little I would doze off during that part, because it was not printed in the missalettes. As a teenager I would stare at the priest, hoping to catch a few words, before daydreaming. For a couple of reasons, I joined a different Catholic church near my university during Lent this spring, that is traditionally more traditional. I have no complaints...except that I still don't always hear everything in a homily. It is a significant improvement, but still....I resigned myself to the fact that I may never be able to know what the priest is teaching that Sunday.

Then I stumbled across Fr. MD's site, and he has signed homilies! I shall have to make this a habit to check his site every Sunday :) Yay!


SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Holly,
RSS is great. I use Bloglines mainly. Now Blogger has a way to follow your favorite blogs too.
What other deaf librarian blogs have you found?

Holly the Librarian said...

Hi Sarah,
There was one or two other ones I found earlier this year before I got serious about blogging--so I lost track of them. I'm going to look for them again :)