Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week 5 fun

Made this with Wordle--oh so much fun :) This one really appeals to me, a textual-visual person.
Whenever I read something, I can get a abstract sensation in my mind--whether the text is "round" or "angular" or like scribbles; I can feel in my mouth whether it's smooth or rough, taste whether it's sweet or bitter or neutral, see the color scheme of shades of blue, red, white, silver, grey, green, or a multitude of all of these and more. So, to see the words arranged in a visual pattern with colors, this really appeals to my literary senses. I'm addicted already--the challenge for building an image like this is to find a decent section of text to copy/paste. Very very easy to use.

LibraryThing is also pretty cool, too. Here's my very basic library so far:

Of course, Harry Potter was the first thing I added--just off the top of my head; since I dressed up as Hermione yesterday it was fresh on my mind. I really like how it's free, and I can't believe how easy it was to add books! So....when I get a chunk of time (maybe Christmas break) I will try to put my entire library in the catalog. I have a bunch of older books, though, that wouldn't show up in the search...hmmm.....I'll cross that bridge when I get to it :)

Rollyo is pretty cool, too--if I really want to search only a few specific sites. But, call me old-school, it probably won't replace a good old-fashioned Google search. It's all about the search terms you enter--you can find anything with Google with the right search terms. I can see how it would be useful if you have a blog or a website, though. That's when I would use it, so people can search my sites--within time they will be huge :)

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