Saturday, November 8, 2008

Week 6---Tagging &c

I took a look at Delicious, and that is cool how you can share bookmarks :D At first I thought, "Another complicated site to replace something that works just fine?" Reminded me of a bumper sticker I once saw. "Government's Motto: If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is." It seemed like to me a lot of the "amazing websites!" that claim to facilitate the flow of information a lot easier than the old way don't live up to their claim. But Delicious bookmarking seems to do just that. I liked reading through others' bookmarks, and I found a cool website full of English resources that way.

I was disappointed, however, finding out that Delicious was about bookmarking and not about Delicious Library. Which I hope to buy one of these days to go with my new Macbook :) (Or Christmas present from my parents? Hmm...)

Technorati is pretty cool too, being able to search blogs specifically. It's like searching for interesting diaries to read...for those of us who are channeling Gladys Kravitz ;) I took a look at some of the tags, and I was surprised to see one of the popular searches was "Jennifer Garner". I mean, seriously, people want to see what other people wrote about a movie star they've probably never met? Wanting to get to the bottom of that mystery, I clicked on that tag to see what kind of posts were being made about her. Apparently she picked up her daughter from preschool a few days ago. Uhhh....that's "not news"...Also, she has a "baby bump." That phrase bugs the heck out of me. Why not say "pregnant?" Heck, even "with child" works better! But "baby bump" makes it sound rather...cosmetic and easily gotten rid of...I'm getting off track now ;)

Next post I'll share some thoughts on Library 2.0.

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Anonymous said...

You learn something new everyday, so in a way this project is worth it.